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Smokefree Guarantee Terms and Conditions Allen Carr's Easyway guarantee has been in operation since we started conducting seminars in 1983. If you are still smoking 3 months from the date of your seminar after having attended the 2 follow up sessions, your fee can be refunded. All we request is that your desire to quit be genuine.
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Most attendees require no follow-up, but if you do experience difficulties we request that you make reasonable attempts to contact us as soon as possible. For those who are not initially successful, 2 follow up sessions are offered at no extra cost, within three months of the date of your seminar (these are new sessions and not just repeats of the original seminar. They last approximately 2 hours each).
Note: Under the terms of the guarantee, refunds can only be offered if you are unsuccessful after attending the seminar and two follow up sessions within a 3 month period. If attendees cancel, postpone or come more than 15 minutes late for any follow up or other scheduled appointment or if they fail to show up for any appointment, the guarantee will be invalidated. The refund request must be received in writing (not email/phone/text) to the address provided on the copy of your guarantee received with your confirmation within 3 calendar months of your main session. If you stop smoking for three months or longer but start again at a later date, you may attend any number of two-hour follow up sessions on payment of half the standard fee. However, if you wish to attend the main 5-hour seminar again the standard fee will be payable and the guarantee will apply.
“It didn’t take any willpower, I don’t miss it all and I thank God every day that I am free.” Ruby Wax
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